I Can Freeze You With My Breath..PAHhhh

Monday, August 20, 2007


I just received my driver's license in the mail today and it made me laugh because it doesn't look like my other ones.

This me before

and me after..

I showed it to my parents and Andrew and they were like who is that? and they laughed.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Rain [you know how to say it]:

A Debbie Downner

So on our way to Niagara Falls, the weather gets nasty. It was like we were driving through a car wash. Tin did a great job driving and we made it to Niagara safely. Gracias Papa Jesus for looking over us.

We went on the Maid of the Mist Tour. There were 8 people on our boat with a couple making the whole time. The boat was rocking while we were still at the dock and I thought I was going to get sick. But no cookies were lost here. We wore our awesome Maid of the Mist souvenir panchos and made some great videos. The mist was so heavy it seemed like rain, we were about 20 yards away from the bottom of the falls. The tour talked about the Dare Devils who survived the drop down the falls. The first was a woman who went down in a barrel and the youngest was a boy who went down with googles and a life vest. Next will be Gwenie with her happy feet.
Next stop: Chicago, IL


THANK YOU NEW HAMPSHIRE! Whatever happens in ManchVegas Stays In ManchVegas. (What does that mean?)

So my time here in New England came so quickly to an end. My blog doesn't do justice to the best people that I've met, and the things that I have learned. Just a few things I've taken away: how to ski, surviving a winter, play canadian washers, best parties are held at Club Suzanne-A-Doo, Fancy Camping at the OOB (Old Orchard Beach), Red Soxs Game on the America's Birthday, Cheryl's cookies, 12-2 with Linz & JA (the best part of the day). I wish I could bring home my new friends for life because I know you will love them as much as I do.

Thank You everyone! Miss ya already.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Welcome to my crib

Downtown Manchester, New Hampshire

2 bedroom
1 bath
living room
roof top lounge

I've been living in Manchester, New Hampshire for a few months, and I haven't introduced you to my new stomping grounds. I live in Downtown Manchester on the second floor of the orthopedic/ physical therapy clinic that I work. I don't have to drive, except if I'm at the high school. I don't have to pay rent, or bills. I can wake up 15 minutes before I have to go to work and still be early. Not a bad gig.

This is the living room. The couch is a new addition to the living room. There use to be two rocking chairs with the leg rester. But it wasn't too comfortable to take a nap in. So, Linsay's Meme (french for grandmother) lent her couch.

The ceiling is made up of tiles decorated by past fellows.

My professor/mentor, Tamara, at Arizona was a past fellow. She and other past fellows didn't have an opportunity to make her own tile, but her name is on one.

In the kitchen, things are in weird places. The sink stands alone, with a counter just opposite. So when we wash dishes we have to rush them to the rack so we don't get the floor all wet. The oven works, but knobs are falling off.

We keep cabinets closed to make them look like thier working, but really the doors could fall off and knock you in the head.

The bathroom has a toliet that never sleeps, and a standing shower. The ball cock in the toliet is bent and the water sometimes doesn't hit it so it just keeps on running. The standing shower is really narrow making it hard to shave your legs.

The bed rooms have queen sized beds. My bed used to be hoisted up by this wooden contraption that was about 5 feet high. I needed a running start to get on it. Luckily Lindsay's dad is a construction owner and he was able to set my bed on the floor so that I would have less of a drop when I fall off my bed

We have roof top lounge that over looks the street. It reminds me of RENT, the scene with "One Song, Glory" and the other scene with Mark and Roger where the meet on the roof and hug.

We want to have a BBQ one day, just like on Sex and the City. Remember the episode with the tranies and the "you better take that out before i shit on it." Hilarious (Season 3, a laugh everytime)

I'm having a good time in the apartment regardless of the small things that are out of wack. The place has character, and stories.

And here we are "Gemini's Twins." This is my roommate Linz. She's from Manchester and just graduated from Northeastern University. Her family is awesome and I'm really fortunate to know a family like them out here.